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Submitted by: Mike Vondruska, former performer at Sally's Stage. This is one of the stories I always remember about Sally Stage -

I had heard from someone that there was this place called, Sally's Stage in Lombard and they were looking for variety entertainers. At that time, I was a fledgling entertainer with juggling and unicycling as my shtick.
So one Friday evening I went to check out this place and had the pleasure of watching a very eclectic entertainer by the name of Bob Rumba perform his ventriloquism on the stage. Afterwards, he went table to table passing out fliers to advertise upcoming events at the restaurant. Of course, I introduced myself. He immediately told me that I could come in the following week on a certain day and audition on stage in front of the patrons. Cool!

And this is what happened . . .
During my short audition, I asked a volunteer to assist me. As I recall, the man I chose was a big rounded teddy-bear-type-of-guy who definitely was showing signs of nervousness for having to be in front of a crowd. I explained to him that his job as my assistant was simply to hold a metal baking bowl as I juggled 3 raw eggs and on my cue, I would throw one very high and then yell, "That one's yours!" At that specific time, I would then run the other way and his job was to attempt to catch the high tossed egg in the bowl. Simple, right?

And this is what happened next . . .
As I was running around the stage trying to "control" the eggs from dropping everywhere, he was following me with his hands outstretched clutching the bowl. At one point I stopped and shouted to the audience a one word question; "Higher?" They responded with a loud shout, "Higher?" I threw one egg higher and then repeated the question; "Higher?" Again, the audience responded even more forcefully, "HIGHER!" So again, I threw one even higher.

During this time, my volunteer was standing right in front of me waiting for his cue; excited, nervous, and tense all at the same time. I'm sure he was thinking, "Oh God, I hope I catch the egg."

As I was about to shout my question (Higher?) one more time to my now aroused audience; my stocky volunteer evidently was not able to control his anticipation any longer. He thrust the bowl right into my juggling pattern, the lip of the metal bowl connected with a just-thrown egg which happened to be at eye-level to me. The yellow gooey egg yolk exploded out of its shell and slammed hard into my face. This early unanticipated move by my volunteer to catch the egg caught me completely by surprise and I did not have any time to react by closing my eyes. "The blast" penetrated my eyes and tore out one of my contacts.

As I stood on stage, my face dripping with egg yolk, the floor below me covered in egg, the audience howling in laughter, my totally red-faced volunteer was just standing there in front of me with a horrified look on his face. As he held the empty bowl in his hands, he kept repeating over and over again to me; "Oh, I'm so sorry . . . I'm so sorry . . . I'm so sorry."

The big finish (or was it a big beginning?) . . .
As the laughter from the audience subsided, I took the bowl from my volunteer, shook his hand, and assured him it was "OK." The audience gave him a very warm round of applause as he walked back to sit with his family. It was a good thing my egg routine was the final bit of my audition as the stage floor really needed a quick once-over with a mop, as did my face.

So to conclude this reminiscent story, I believed everyone in the audience who viewed my audition were definitely entertained, my volunteer's family had another great story to tell their relatives and friends, I never found my contact, BUT . . . I did get the job as an entertainer at the famous Sally's Stage Restaurant and worked there for several years hence!



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