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Sunday Kid's Night   Resident Mime  Men's Leg Contest   Lawrence Welk   Tiny Tim    
Barton Pipe Organ

Barton Pipe Organ

Photo of the Barton Pipe Organ at West Bend, Nov. 1975, before removal to Sally's Stage.
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Mark Holstein
Mark Holstein was one of house magicians circa 1981. Mark performed almost exclusively at Western Ave (once or twice in Lombard). Mark performed one or two weeknights plus Saturday and Sunday. In the course of that year, Mark did nearly 200 shows.




Bob Rumba
The multi-talented performing MC & Host of the Famous Tuesday Night Amateur Show at Sally’s Stage. Bob was noted for his comedy, ventriloquism and many other antics including performing on roller skates while singing on a megaphone. Today in 2013 Bob is still performing his unusual act throughout the United States.

Bob Rumba


Bob Rumba & Deborah Ayotte (playing Barton Organ)

Bob Rumba & Deborah Ayotte (playing Barton Organ)

Vince the Mangler and Bob Rumba


Debbie Ayotte's Scrapbook

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Debbie Ayotte & Mime

Debbie Ayotte & Mike Zwartz

Debbie Ayotte at the organ.

debbie ayotte

Debbie Ayotte at the organ.


Devon Hollingsworth

Devon Hollingsworth entertaining at the organ

One of the many request forms that Devon has saved from his Sally's Stage days.

One of the great drawings of Sally's Stage

Sally's BBQ was painted on the side of the building before being changed to Sally's Stage.

Joe and Tiny Tim

Paul Roselli Dancers on Sally's Stage

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Sally’s Stage’s fabulous steak dinner

Sally’s Stage’s fabulous full slab of ribs

Sally’s Stage’s fabulous full slab of ribs

Sally’s Stage Famous Rib Eating Contest

The Ribs

Guy eating ribs with organ in background

Same guy wearing a Sally’s Stage yellow t-shirt

2 back-to-back customers eating ribs

Guy with long hair preparing to bite.

Guy with long hair, eating ribs

Guy with long hair, still eating ribs



and eating.

The winner.

Also the winner of the national pizza eating contest held at Sally's Stage.

Sally's Stage Amateur Night
Steve Vandel - Singing Belly Button

Billy Tandy at the organ and amateur the Dancing Fool.

Don Springer coming out of the organ pit.

Don Springer at the organ

Don Springer at the Barton Theatre Pipe Organ with the Sally’s Stage bird over head.

Alley Cats

Joe Bortz and famous news anchor picture taken at Sally’s Stage (circa 1978)

Joe Bortz & Al Hall producer of the famous Bozo’s circus on WGN TV at Sally’s Stage (circa 1977)

Cindy Lawson famous singing and dancing waitress at Sally’s Stage

Famous Sally’s Stage waiter who also sang and played drums accompanied by Bill Tandy at the organ.

Bill Tandy on stage talking to a customer, to the right the famous rolling skating waitress named Zee.

Bill Tandy on stage congratulating a customer on Sally’s Stage’s Tuesday night amateur night, to the right famous roller skating hostess Zee.

“Alley Cats” singing group, elderly female wearing a hat in lower left is being interviewed with WGN TV News

Sally’s Stage organist with children on Sunday Sing-a-long at Sally’s Stage

Picture of magician, with upside down top hat, for Tuesday night amateur night.

Singer for Sally’s Stage Tuesday night amateur night being accompanied by Sally’s Stage’s organist.

Singing waiter/drummer for Sally’s Stage

Famous Sally’s Stage singing waiter also played the drums

Female customer with roulette wheel behind her, winner of a free dinner, “A Roulette Wheel Winner”

Girl on amateur night preparing for her rendition to try and win the prizes for amateur night, Sally’s Stage organist seated behind girl walking across the stage.

girls in robes

Girls in robes, getting ready for contests.

Magician performing on Tuesday Amateur Night at Sally’s Stage

Picture of woman playing an accordion on Tuesday Amateur Night at Sally’s Stage

A guy juggling pins on Tuesday Amateur Night at Sally’s Stage

Channel 5 Live interviewing customers at Sally’s Stage while they dine.

The very famous Alley Cats singing group on Sally’s Stage performing while customers dine.

Member of the famous “Alley Cats” singing group doing a rendition of the song “Alley Cat”, to the right Bob Rumba, the fantastic host for Tuesday night amateur night.

Dancing Waitresses kickin' high

Line up of famous Sally’s Stage singing and dancing waitresses on stage doing their Sally’s Stage song.

The leader of the famous Alley Cats and a star of Sally's Stage, sitting with customers.

Bill Tandy on Sally’s Stage stage rehearsing the Barton Theater pipe organ

Bill Tandy bending over on stage giving a prize for participation in Bill Tandy’s show

Sally’s Stage customers sitting in front, Barton Theater pipe organ with organist.

Dining tables inside skating rink

Joe and friend

Joe and girl on horse

Joe on horse

Special Recipe BBQ Ribs

Joe and the Barton pipe organ

Sally's Stage Skater

Diners watching the stage show

Mike and Joe Bortz

Joe and Mike Bortz

Skating waitress

Sally’s Stage character artist

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 famous singing waiter

The famous singing...

 famous drum playing waiter

and drum playing waiter.

Resident Belly Dancer

Resident belly dancer.

Belly Dancer

Bill Tandy & Belly Dancer


Boxing Girls




Winner of Girl's Boxing Match?




Women's Mud Wrestling

Sally's Stage features the Grand National finals for Women's Mud Wrestling contest.

Women's Mud Wrestling


BELOW: Sally's Dollies in rehearsal with new trainee in shorts.

ABOVE: Sally's Stage waitress Jenny teaching the Sally's Dollies Dance

Bull Riding

Sally's Stage mechanical bull helped customer's embrace the Gilly's Mechanical Bull phase.

I rode the bull.

Big Ed giving the prize for the Men's Bikini Bull Riding Contest

Runner up in the bull riding contest?

Winner in the Men's Bikini Bull Riding Contest

Big Ed & Men's Bikini Bull Riding Contest


Guy trying to stand up on bull.

Grandma riding the mechanical bull.


Sally's Stage - Sunday Kid's Night

Sally's Stage Children's Birthday Party every Sunday afternoon.

One of Sally's Stage resident magicians and a young volunteer from the children's Sunday party who assisted with the magic trick.


Sally's Stage resident mime

Sally's Stage resident mime

Bob Rumba who believed in electronics, using his megaphone to catch the attention of the audience all while on roller skates.

"Professor" Irwin Corey (born July 29, 1914) is an American comic, film actor and activist, often billed as "The World's Foremost Authority". He introduced his unscripted, improvisational style of stand-up comedy at the well-known San Francisco club, the "hungry i" Lenny Bruce once described Corey as "one of the most brilliant comedians of all time".

Lawrence Welk and famous lead singer from the Alley Cats discussing the merits of her act and Lawrence Welk's new book in 1979

Act performing on Sally's Stage Tuesday Amateur Night

Dashing Gambling Impresario Lee Schneider (in tux) at Sally's Stage Casino Night with Bill Tandy working the table.

Sally's Stage Menu


Sally's Stage Men's Legs Contest


Sally's Stage was famous for it's deep dish pizza.


Always a crowd at Sally's Stage!

Tiny Tim was most famous for his rendition of "Tiptoe through the Tulips" sung in a distinctive high falsetto/vibrato voice.

Bill Tandy talking to hostess.


Unknown band performing at Sally's Stage Amateur Night

Sally's Stage hosts international arm wrestling contest.


Sally's Stage sign shown across the street from the famous Nortown Theatre (now has been torn down).

Photo of Sally's Stage painted on the south side exterior wall of building.



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